[Podcast] Solving the Content Automation Problem and Achieving ROI

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Terry McDougall

Listen to our guest, Terry McDougall, provide expert advice on how to carefully evaluate content automation vendors, total enterprise costs, and ROI potential.

Terry McDougall, Founder and President of Bright Beam Consulting, sat down with Synthesis CEO, John Toepfer, to discuss best practices with regard to evaluating automation vendors and calculating TCO and ROI.

Bright Beam Consulting is a marketing strategy and coaching consultancy focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and specializing in the B2B space. Terry has had a long career in financial services marketing, including working with two major financial services organizations. Most recently, she was the US head of marketing for a major global asset manager selling investment products in North America, EMEA and APAC. With her 20+ years working in financial services, she brings valuable expertise to the conversation around evaluating vendors and making sound technology buying decisions. We hope you’ll take away some useful insights from this episode.

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[Podcast] The Future of Sales Enablement for Asset Managers with Matt Suggs

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Matt Suggs

Listen to our guest, Matt Suggs, discuss the future of sales enablement — “Evolved Selling”.

Matt Suggs, EVP of Sales and Customer Success at Mediafly, sat down with myself and Synthesis CEO, John Toepfer, to discuss the future of sales enablement.

Matt is A 20-year software sales veteran with experience working for industry giants like Oracle and SAP Ariba. In this episode, he offers insight into why B2B buyers hate being sold to and how asset managers can use technology to provide a truly engaging and compelling client experience. Some of the topics we touch on in this episode include the four pillars of “evolved selling”, why mobile technology lines are becoming blurred, the true meaning of personalization, and how interactive experiences are directly impacting sales success and bottom-line revenue. We hope you’ll take away some useful insights from this episode.

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What’s Driving Asset Managers to Automate Pitchbooks?

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by Emilie Totten

Four Drivers for Pitchbook Automation

Asset Managers large and small recognize that automating the marketing and sales process is a requirement in order to be efficient, compliant, and competitive. The manual process of updating pitchbooks and distributing them to the sales force is an antiquated process that doesn’t adequately serve salespeople or their clients and prospects. There are four main drivers that are influencing asset managers to automate this process:Read More

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5 Mistakes Asset Managers Make When Managing Disclosures

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By Kaitlin McInerney

Five biggest disclosure management mistakes by asset managers

Managing disclosure language has been a critical element of Synthesis’ document automation approach for almost two decades. Even with modern technology and processes, disclosures continue to be a pain-point for most asset management firms. Recently, we’ve been doing research into the processes asset managers use to manage their disclosures. The goal of this research is to better-understand why disclosure management continues to be problematic. Through our discussions with marketing and compliance professionals at large and small investment management firms, we’ve been digging-into how firms create, edit, distribute, and retire disclosure language — and what the major issues are.Read More

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Client-Centric vs. Investment-Centric Marketing at Asset Management Firms

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By Emilie Totten

Investment Marketing - Is your approach investment or client-centric?

This post is an excerpt from our 2017 Roundtable Report: Trends in Asset Management Sales & Marketing. You can download the full report here.

At our private round table event this past May, roughly half the participants said their firms tend to be investment-centric, while the other half are focused on being more customer-centric. But the trend appears to be moving toward a more client-centric approach.

Firms that are investment-centric tend to let investment teams drive content. The messaging focuses on their investment strategies. One participant summarized this approach, “We’re definitely an investment-centric culture. It comes through in the way we talk about our strategies … which was always nitty gritty about the process, because the investment teams are driving that content.” Another participant pointed out the problems with that approach. She said, “We were very product-centric. It was all about the investment process. But people don’t care about that. Everybody’s got a core bond fund. Everybody’s got a large cap value fund. Everybody’s already got all this stuff, so what makes you different?”Read More

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