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Noel is a Product Manager at Synthesis. He has an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and over 15 years of experience in the software industry. In his free time, Noel likes to go camping, hiking, and fishing with his family.

Five Key Aspects of a Great Pitchbook Automation Tool

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Pitchbook Automation Features

Pitchbooks are a hot topic for investment management firms these days. The number of inquiries we’ve received about our pitchbook automation software has tripled year over year — we find that very telling.

It’s no secret that marketing is in a huge state of flux right now, no matter what industry you’re in. A key driver of this uncertainty is the plethora of marketing communication and automation options. Never before have marketers had so much technology available to work with and so many communication channels to manage.Read More

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Four Common Data Problems Faced by Fund Marketers

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Four problems with data faced by fund marketers

When talking with prospective clients, it’s not uncommon for us to hear, “Our data is a bit of a mess,” or “Our data could use a little housekeeping.”  In my experience working with some of the best fund marketing teams in the industry, I have learned that in many cases, marketers have become the de facto experts on fund data.

The reason is, in my opinion, because fund marketers themselves are routinely chasing-down their data from many disparate sources (both internal and external) and then trying to extract good clean data for use in their customer-facing marketing materials. To make the process even more challenging, it has to be done in a very tight time frame with the highest levels of accuracy and consistency.Read More

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