Noel Rodolfo Will Leverage a 15-year Tenure with Synthesis to Support Clients in a New Role

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Noel Rodolfo Synthesis Technology New Role Client Solutions Director

Synthesis Technology recently announced that Noel Rodolfo has stepped into a new role of director of client solutions created to support client success and growth.

“In my 15-year tenure at Synthesis, I’ve led both product and project teams. I’m truly excited to be bringing all that experience and knowledge to the client services team, and to take on this valuable new role to help our clients grow.”

Noel has always been able to see a problem from multiple angles and envision effective solutions. When he joined Synthesis as a project manager in 2005, he drew on a combination of technical and business expertise — and an interest in investing — to aptly manage a team responsible for new software implementations and ongoing support for our client base of financial services firms. In this role, Noel helped to ensure clients benefitted from highly tailored software implementations that met their unique requirements.

In 2013, Noel shifted into a product manager role, focused on building FlightDeck®, the Synthesis presentation management tool that helps investment marketing and sales teams easily construct customized sales materials at scale. Under his leadership, the product was re-built from the ground-up in 2018 to better enable global investment firms to stay compliant and on-brand across teams, time-zones, and territories.

In his new role, Noel leverages all of these valuable experiences to bring even more value to Synthesis clients. As Director of Client Solutions, Noel focuses on providing holistic strategic guidance that helps clients get the most out of their investments in automation technology. He partners with company leadership to understand their objectives, as well as their existing processes, vendors, and systems. Then he offers perspective and insight that helps these organizations implement and integrate solutions to achieve their goals in the most cost-efficient and effective way.

Many investment management firms gain efficiencies and reduce compliance risk when they adopt content automation for fact sheets or other data-rich documents. They might be able to easily leverage that investment to save significant time and money across the organization by automating other up- and down-stream processes that are manual-intensive.

“I work as an extension of a client’s team,” said Noel. “I can help them address pain points by connecting dots that they might not be able to see.” And he shares in their success. “I just love that ‘aha’ moment when a client suddenly sees how they can magnify the return on their automation investment.”

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Emilie is Head of Marketing at Synthesis. Emilie earned her B.S. in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has 15 years of integrated marketing experience in the financial services, technology, and healthcare industries. She lives in Chicagoland with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she isn't marketing or parenting, she can be found practicing yoga or reading a good book.

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