Perfecting the Pitchbook: On-Demand Webinar

How to Use Automation to Enable your Sales Team with Customer-Centric Presentations


Webinar Speakers: Emilie Totten and Noel Rodolfo

In this Webinar, Emilie and Noel from our Marketing and Product Management teams present a client case study on pitchbook automation. You’ll learn how one global investment management firm is using automation to overcome their pitchbook problems and strive toward the “perfect pitch” in every sales opportunity. They present the issues the firm was facing with their status quo and how they are using automation to improve the quality and consistency of their pitchbooks, ensure compliance, and enable their sales force.

Watch this Webinar recording to learn:

  • Why sales and marketing alignment is essential for success, and how automation technology can help you get there.
  • The three compelling factors that drive investment companies to automate.
  • A deep-dive into how one investment management firm is using automation to close the gap between sales and marketing, ensure compliance, and drive sales.

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