Content Marketing: 8 Essential Tips for Fund Marketers

In today’s competitive investment management environment, fund marketers are faced with the challenge of consistently producing high-quality, targeted and compliant content that performs. In this e-book, we provide fund marketers with eight essential tips for content marketing, drawing from key insights and recommendations from marketing and technology experts in the financial services industry. Here’s what you’ll find inside this 20-page e-book:

  • The current definition of content marketing
  • Why asset managers should invest in content marketing
  • An in-depth look at how to streamline your content creation process
  • Key metrics for measuring content marketing performance
  • The two most effective content marketing tactics and how to use them

Everybody on Board: The Complete Guide to Convincing Your Firm to Automate Your Fact Sheets

Executive Management, Sales, Compliance, IT — How can marketers convince their key business partners to buy-in to fact sheet automation?

This guide was written by a marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in investment management marketing operations. In this white paper, the author offers her personal perspective on the pitfalls of manual production and how she convinced her organization to get on-board with an automation initiative. In this white paper, the author discusses:

  • How she convinced her firm to automate and save thousands annually on production and improve time-to-market by 15 days every quarter.
  • How to educate key stakeholders on the flaws implicit in manual production.
  • How to illustrate the benefits of automation from a risk management and budgeting perspective.
  • How to illustrate the benefits for each stakeholder, including Data Owners, IT, Compliance, and Designers.

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