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Disclosure Mangagement Risk Management

Change is constant in the asset management world. Changing product details, audiences, and regulatory requirements on investment marketing communications makes it tricky to stay compliant. Overall, asset managers agree disclosure management is cumbersome. For example, many firms still rely on weekly meetings, emails back-and-forth, and the sacred “master document”. These processes are not efficient and represent poor risk management. In response, we built our data management solution with the investment industry’s disclosure management pains in mind. Synthesis Technology helps asset managers improve the way they handle disclosures to ensure timely and compliant communications.  Here’s how we help.

Make Life Easier for Marketing and Groups Who Use Disclosures

Virtually eliminate tedious cut-and-paste tasks and go-to-market faster with compliant communications by using Synthesis Technology’s disclosure management solution.  

Ensure the right disclosures are being shown consistently in all of your communications

Take the guesswork out of your content publishing process. Automatically match required disclosures and benchmarks with your content based on selected criteria (products/facts shown, audiences/regions, share classes/series, languages).  Provide formatting notes and requirements from Compliance, such as font size and placement.

Update disclosure language automatically

Integrate with your content delivery platforms via our secure API. Ditch the tedious tasks of cutting and pasting disclosures into document templates and website CMS systems.

Improve and track changes and approvals

Streamline and track changes and approvals of disclosure language. If Marketing submits a disclosure revision, it can be reviewed and approved by Compliance in the click of a button.

Understand which communication assets will be affected by disclosure changes

Impact reports provide you a list of every document and web component affected by a disclosure update.

Translate disclosures into many different languages

Integrate with internal, external, or automated translation systems to store disclosures in multiple languages and distribute them to global teams.


Keep Regulators Happy

Improve processes to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce operational costs

Centralize data management for your global enterprise

Get the right disclosures to the right people and into the right communication materials to ensure compliance.

Maintain a complete audit trail

Easily see who or what system used a disclosure at any point in its existence. Review different versions of disclosures side-by-side to see exactly what changed, who made the changes, and when.

Eliminate Key Man Risk

Get all of your disclosures and related information into a secure platform with change management functionality. No longer rely on a few people to remember vital business rules by creating a single source of truth for your disclosures.

Streamline your firm’s processes to comply with regulations

Show the regs that you have a responsible disclosure management process in place. We will configure and integrate our disclosure management solution to accommodate your firm’s specific process and workflow needs.

How it Works:

Global Disclosure Management for Asset Managers

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