Exclusive Roundtable Report:
Trends in Investment Management Marketing & Sales

2016 Asset Management Marketing Roundtable Report

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We recently brought together a group of 15 investment sales and marketing leaders from tier-one banks and investment management companies to talk about trends, challenges, and solutions for marketing and sales.  Then, after analyzing the conversations, we created this exclusive report.

In this report, we share ideas and insights from our Roundtable discussion. Topics include:

  • Customer-centric versus investment-centric marketing
  • Marketing strategy in terms of branding, thought leadership, and sales support
  • Lead generation, nurturing and account-based marketing
  • Marketing technology, budgets, and the very painful buying process
  • Analytics and tracking ROI

This report covers some of the topics addressed in the round table. But we don’t have space to cover everything here. So we will be blogging on some of the other topics we discussed. You can find these articles at www.synthesistechnology.com/roundtable

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About the Author:

Candyce Edelen - CEO of PropelGrowth Financial Services Content Marketing Candyce Edelen is CEO and Founder of PropelGrowth, a financial services marketing consultancy providing marketing and content strategy services to asset management and fin-tech firms. Her focus is on content and account-based marketing strategy. She brings 25 years of experience in product and company launches, go-to-market strategies, and building sales, marketing, and delivery teams. She also taught 1500 sales reps solution selling. Candyce focuses on best practices for complex sales processes. She has expertise in aligning marketing and sales with customer buying cycles to maximize close rates for complex sales.

“It’s rare that marketers from competing firms get to sit down together in a group and talk about their craft. I’m already excitedly waiting for next year’s meeting.” – Candyce Edelen, Event moderator and CEO of PropelGrowth


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