Reduce FactSheet Production Time by 50%

Fund FactSheet Automation

Synthesis Technology provides one of the most powerful and adaptable fund fact sheet automation solutions on the market. As a result, it is the first choice for many of the world’s largest asset management firms.

Get Your Fund Fact Sheets Out in Record Time

Our automation platform collects and unifies your data and turns it into beautiful information on a fact sheet —  in minutes. By automating, our clients have saved weeks of time on producing their fact sheets, which gets the information to the sales team in record time while allowing the marketing team to spend more time on strategic work.

Provide your team with a flexible and scalable solution

When automating the production of your fund factsheets, you shouldn’t have to make a bunch of compromises to suit the technology. We designed our technology to adapt to the way your firm does things — not the other way around. From design templates to workflows, we take your existing production plan, simplify it, and propel it forward. This way, the automation is working in your favor to help you produce more and scale your operation as your firm grows.

Produce Fund Fact Sheets in Multiple Languages

Producing fact sheets in multiple languages adds a lot of complexity to your production strategy. When you automate, you can alleviate the stress put on your team and get your documents translated and produced much more quickly. We currently produce fact sheets in over 12 languages including Chinese and Arabic.

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