How we help with Asset Management Marketing

Synthesis Technology specializes in asset management marketing automation for the financial services industry.

100% of our clients are investment managers ranging from $100 billion in assets to industry giants with over $1 trillion AUM.

The asset management marketing and sales process is unique from most other industries. It is highly regulated and involves data-heavy content.  In addition, the sales environment is extremely competitive. As a result, speed and accuracy is paramount in content production and distribution.

Investment sales teams need to be first in the door with a solid pitch, but they oftern run into a couple of problems. The first is waiting for updated marketing materials at the end of the quarter. The second is waiting for marketing to deliver customized materials for important sales meetings. Given these issues, salespeople become frustrated when they have to hunt around for updated and compliant materials. This puts firms in a situation where they can’t be both competitive and compliant. So what gives?

Synthesis helps asset managers remove the obstacles that stand in the way of them being more competitive. We help the marketing operations team streamline the production of data-heavy marketing like factsheets and pitchbooks, and make that content readily available to the sales teams who need them. We even go a step further to enable sales teams to customize their pitchbooks within the guardrails of compiance. 

If you’re an investment firm who needs help streamlining multi-region, multi-product communications and reporting for retail, intermediary, and institutional audiences around the globe – we can help.

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