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How We Bill Our Services

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We understand that how we price our services is truly where the rubber hits the road for most firms. That’s why our pricing structure is designed to:

  • Minimize complexity in accounting or billing,
  • Provide cost-certainty,
  • Demonstrate ROI in order to deepen our relationship via new projects, and
  • Accurately measure the value and scope of our work, system utilization, and delivered value.

Billing Model

Our model accounts for the diversity of ways we provide service for clients over the course of our engagements, which are typically long-lasting:

  • Subscription fees – annual and recurring
  • Based on utilization – documents produced or number of automated templates
  • Includes support – tech, training, client service, hosting, security, infrastructure
  • One-time project fees – based on detailed “scope of work” analysis (templates, components, graphs, libraries, data files, etc.)

White Glove Service

The Synthesis implementation model is centered on our ability to provide clients with maximum results with minimal burden placed on their existing teams. We do so with:

  • Experienced project management
  • Well-organized onboarding process
  • Multi-member project management team
    • Business rules, Workflow and delivery setup
    • Data integration, Document Template Setup
    • Training and testing
  • Charts & Graphic Rendering, Language loading
  • Active client communication & coordination
  • Quality and timeliness of deliverables are assured


Each Engagement is Unique

Only through a careful understanding of a firm’s unique needs can we determine a reasonable basis for a pricing discussion. Please contact Jean Goodwin, Vice President of North American Sales at (312) 948-4961, or you may complete the form below:



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