Data-Driven Content Automation for Investment Firms

Factsheets, Tailored Shareholder Reports, Pitchbooks, Commentaries, & More

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Improve Efficiency With Automated, Compliant Investment Marketing, Sales, and Shareholder Reporting Content

Investment management is more competitive now than ever. Synthesis Technology helps firms get client-facing communications in front of investors faster than the competition. Produce fact sheets, Tailored Shareholder Reports, pitchbooks, commentaries, and web content in half the time without adding more staff and internal costs with investment management marketing content automation by Synthesis.

Content Automation Solution Dashboard

Quickly Update Data-Heavy Marketing Content Across Assets

  • Centralize, share, and update data, copy, and images across factsheets, Tailored Shareholder Reports, commentaries, pitchbooks, website, and more
  • Maintain regulatory and brand standards across content assets
  • Easily manage disclosures and copy
  • Manage approvals and automate your quarter-end workflows

Centralize, Manage, and Visualize your Marketing Data

  • Streamline data collection, validation, calculations, and secure storage of data for marketing use
  • Leverage your data to automate any unique or custom chart or graph
  • Produce quality data and feed it back to any downstream system
  • Bring us your data challenges – there’s no limit to what we can do!

Produce clean, quality data for investment marketing
Sales Enablement Integration

Streamline Processes and Reduce Costs by Easily Integrating Other Systems or Processes

  • Integrate with website CMS, DAM, and sales enablement systems
  • Automatically send print-ready documents to commercial print vendors
  • Seamlessly integrate language translations, ADA tagging, and SSO solutions
  • Connect to your compliance solution for full books and records audit trails

Get Up and Running Quickly With a Turnkey Implementation

  • Our team does the work – saving you time, money, and frustration
  • Get implemented in as little as 90 days
  • Minimize internal costs and realize ROI on your automation solution quickly
  • Once implemented, you have hands-on control over your data and content

Illustrate ROI on Content Automation

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How to Convince Key Stakeholders
to Automate FactSheets

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Convince Key Stakeholders to Invest in Marketing Content Automation


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