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Portfolio commentaries are a key part of the investment marketing collateral mix. This kind of thought leadership content from your investment team needs to be produced and distributed quickly to make the most impact. However, most commentary production processes are slow and cumbersome due to inefficient processes. The steps involved in writing, designing, producing, approving, and distributing portfolio commentary must be streamlined, with manual steps removed wherever possible. Automation simplifies the process to get your content distributed in a highly competitive time frame.

Synthesis Technology can help your team realize the benefits of automating portfolio commentaries:

  • Faster time-to-market. Easily cut your production time in half. Get your thought leadership marketing collateral into the hands of your sales force in a timely manner.
  • Produce a larger volume and variety of commentary. Use less internal effort, freeing up your staff to do more strategic work.
  • Ensure compliance. Automatically append necessary footnotes/disclosures to your documents.
  • Streamline your entire process. From data and copy collection to design to compliance review and approval.
  • Minimize risks. Remove the risk associated with manually producing portfolio commentary.

The bottom line: Enabling your team to create and distribute compliant and competitive materials at scale sets you up for success!


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