Reduce Costs and Grow AUM with Investment Marketing Automation

Synthesis Technology helps investment companies become more efficient, customer-centric, strategic, and competitive through investment marketing automation. 

Synthesis provides a robust automation platform along with professional services to help asset managers create and deliver marketing content more efficiently. We start by aggregating disparate data sources and normalizing, validating and centralizing product data into our secure data warehouse. The clean data is leveraged to render charts, graphs, and copy that is used to produce a variety of marketing communications from fact sheets to web pages to newsletters. Content is distributed to print vendors, websites, and sales enablement platforms to get communications into the hands of investors and the sales force quickly. By tailoring our solution to firms’ specific needs, Synthesis helps asset managers get exactly what they need in order to reduce operating costs and grow AUM.

The Synthesis Approach: Investment Marketing Automation + Professional Services

Synthesis Technology is more than an automation platform, we are a team of financial industry experts who work in partnership with you to achieve your sales and marketing goals. We analyze your marketing assets and operational processes and then configure our products to meet your needs.  Most asset managers lack the time and resources necessary to tackle a document automation implementation. So why not leave it to the experts?  Synthesis specializes in setting up and configuring fact sheet and pitch book automation solutions for asset managers.

Who uses investment marketing automation?

Investment marketers, salespeople, product managers, analysts, compliance officers, and IT managers use our platform to accomplish a wide range of communication goals from aggregating and calculating portfolio data to managing disclosures to automating the production of fact sheets and other communication assets. Marketers and Product Managers are typically the “champions” of this type of technology, who work with their business partners in Sales, IT, and Compliance to bring the benefits of automation to their organization.

How does investment marketing automation work?

The simplest way to describe our technology is that it aggregates and validates your information. Once the data is clean, it is used to automatically produce charts, graphs, and full content assets like fact sheets. The final content is then distributed to the website, sales team, printer, email, or any other final destination. Your entire marketing production and sales enablement process is simplified and error-free.

Synthesis Technology Investment Marketing Automation Platform

At it’s core, our platform is a data quality, information management, publishing and distribution tool. We understand that no two firms operate the same. That’s why we configure our platform to suit each client’s exact workflow, output, and distribution needs. It is well-suited for streamlining complex communication strategies involving many product lines, data types, audiences, and distribution channels.

Improve data processes and quality

Automate your investment data management process and get immediate access to clean, reliable data to enable your communications strategy.

  • Aggregate data from many sources
  • Validate, normalize, and calculate data
  • Securely store data in a centralized repository for reporting, marketing, and communications
  • Automate reverse data feeds to other downstream systems, people, or processes to ensure consistency across different outputs

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Help your team update and produce marketing content faster, with less risk

Automate the production of your fund fact sheets, commentaries, prospectuses, enrollment kits, website updates, and other communication assets.

  • Automate monthly and quarterly production cycles
  • Get to market faster with your communications
  • Improve accuracy, ensure compliance, and minimize risk
  • Enable Sales teams and other groups who use your communication materials

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Help Sales deliver more customer-centric presentations to clients and prospects and be more competitive

Enable your sales force with a turnkey sales presentation solution.

  • Get immediate access to compliant presentation content
  • Quickly personalize your presentations
  • Get data on audience engagement
  • Be more competitive

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