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The quality of the investment data that goes into your marketing communications dictates the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of the final product. However, chasing down all the financial data and then reviewing it for accuracy can be the bane of a marketing person’s existence. Firms that have great investment data management procedures in place will see the fruits of their labor in terms of marketing efficiency and performance.

At investment management firms, most internal data warehousing systems do not embrace the specific and demanding needs of the marketing team. As a result, investment marketers must deal with data aggregation and data clean-up in addition to their core job responsibilities.

With Synthesis DataHub, your investment management firm can automate the collection, validation, and delivery of portfolio data for reporting-side purposes. With immediate access to clean data, all downstream activities become much simpler. Your team can create beautifully compliant factsheets, pitchbooks, proposals, and more — without any of the operational bottlenecks.

Portfolio Data Management


How It Works:

1) Data Collection

Synthesis DataHub takes the aggravation out of data aggregation. It collects all required investment data files via email, secure FTP, manual upload, web services, or other means. There is no limit on file type or number of files and no requirement for pre-cleansing. Synthesis It accepts your files as they are.

2) Data Cleansing

Once all the files have been collected, Synthesis DataHub cleanses the data using custom tests that check for existence, value range, statistical changes, and other client-specific requirements. After it’s finished cleansing, it notifies the data owners if a file needs manual review. Then the system stores the investment data in a standardized format for any internal or external output required.

3) Data Delivery

As files are approved, the correct and validated data gets pushed to downstream systems, reports, sites, and other enterprise tools for a seamless data management and marketing solution. Marketers can create beautifully compliant communications, without the all of the hassle of manual data management processes.

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Should your firm insource or outsource investment data management? Our take on the build vs. buy debate.

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Key Benefits of Investment Data Management:

1) Faster access to clean data

Synthesis DataHub collects your investment fund data from internal and external sources such as portfolio accounting, performance and analytics systems, compliance, and third parties like Morningstar and Lipper. Then the system’s workflow manages responsible parties (data owners) to ensure your clean data arrives in a timely manner.

2) Confidence in your numbers

Once your investment data is aggregated, Synthesis DataHub runs various tests to validate and transform your data into an accurate and consistent form. The workflow feature gives data owners the tools to quickly and easily identify and fix errors. The result is clean data files that are readily available for marketing use.

3) Compliance and audit trails

By acting as a single-source, validated and approved data repository, Synthesis DataHub reduces the risks of inaccurate or inconsistent data. Data transformation can be completed at load or reporting time for maximum flexibility. Data logging and reporting capabilities provide a complete audit trail.

4) Organized workflow

Synthesis DataHub simplifies the workflow through an intuitive web user interface, accessible by everyone involved in the process. Users can view real-time status of their data files, raise issues, communicate with data owners, and export data as soon as it’s ready.

5) Integration with your internal data warehouse

Synthesis DataHub can be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with internal operational data warehouses to provide improved reporting-side data support.

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A West-Coast Firm Saves 2,000 Hours per Year with Synthesis.

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