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10 Tips for Rebranding Fund Marketing Documents

Investment management marketers are no strangers to the redesign process. When firms make branding or design changes, it is a major event in the life of the marketing department. This can be as simple as changing colors and fonts, or it may impact the entire layout, design and component selection of your documents. In this white paper, we share 10 of our best tips and tricks to help your team tackle your next redesign project, including:

  • Overall design
  • Page layout
  • Style guide secrets
  • Testing strategies
  • And more

Perfecting the Pitchbook: An Agile Approach

A great pitchbook strategy makes sales presentation materials available in a timely, personalized, compliant and effective manner. In this white paper, we discuss how to perfect your pitchbook strategy to create more effective pitchbooks. Topics include:

  • The two most common types of pitchbook strategies, and their shortcomings
  • The 7 elements of an effective pitchbook
  • The 3 key stakeholders involved in developing an effective pitchbook strategy
  • An Agile Approach (in layman’s terms) to perfecting your pitchbook strategy
  • How to determine the best technology solution for pitchbook automation

Build vs. Buy: Should your Financial Services firm Insource or Outsource Technology?

This white paper is based on our direct and extensive experience with the Build vs. Buy decision at a wide variety of major financial services firms. The goal of this paper is to provide technology buyers with more clarity when deciding to insource or outsource technology solutions. In this white paper we discuss:

  • The six criteria for a successful technology implementation
  • What makes internal technology solutions successful
  • Why internal technology solutions fail
  • Real-world case studies
  • What undoes the economics of an internal solution

How to Illustrate ROI on a Content Automation Solution

Once you’ve decided it’s time to invest in an automation solution, it’s imperative to get the c-suite on board. In this white paper, Synthesis CEO, John Toepfer, walks you through the process of calculating return on investment on a content automation solution. In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate your true costs of literature production today
  • How to determine direct and indirect costs associated with producing marketing materials
  • How to compare different automation models: DIY vs. Turnkey vs. Outsourced
  • How to put together an ROI calculation that will show upper management the value of investing in automation

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