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Get off the Quarter-End Hamster Wheel Forever with an Automated Investment Data Strategy

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Attracting and retaining AUM requires giving marketers time to think and be strategic, so they can capitalize on new opportunities, out-think competitors, and differentiate the firm, all while keeping the SEC off their backs. To free up the time to be more strategic, investment marketers must focus on fixing the fundamental data problem that fuels their content marketing, distribution, and sales enablement strategies. Investment marketers and consultants rely on timely and updated data to distribute information. Inconsistent data can lead to non-compliance with SEC, thousands of hours per year spent on manual updates, slower time-to-market, and many more consequences. In this webinar, we explain how placing a focus on “data marketing” can help you be more efficient and strategic.

The Sales Success Formula in Financial Services: Blending Customization & Compliance

The financial services industry faces obstacles that make it difficult to gain new clients and asset acquisition. The quest: to be more buyer-centric, personalized, and up-to-the-minute. Marketing teams are responsible for creating sales content, but presentations aren’t always well-received by the sales group. Salespeople tend to tweak presentations themselves, creating “rogue” content that is not marketing-approved. In addition, there are compliance approvals and exposure to risk if any procedure is bypassed. Financial service institutions are realizing they need to digitize and automate their processes in order to improve brand consistency, customer-centricity, compliance, and, measurement. By adopting a digital-first approach, companies can develop holistic solutions that enable branded and custom content, while also allowing the flexibility to create personalized and compliant materials.


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