How we serve Asset Managers

We specialize in the financial services vertical, and 100% of our clients are investment managers ranging from $100 billion in assets to industry giants with over $1 trillion AUM.

Asset Management is unique from most other industries; the sales and marketing process involves data-heavy content,  processes are highly regulated, and the sales environment is extremely competitive. As a result, the speed and accuracy of content production and distribution process is paramount.

In this competitive environment, investment sales teams simply can’t afford to wait for materials to get updated or personalized by marketing. They become frustrated when they have to hunt around for the correct and compliant content to use. This puts firms in a situation where they can’t be competitive AND they’re putting themselves at risk.

Synthesis’ automation platform automates and simplifies the marketing content creation and sales enablement process, while greatly minimizing risk to the firm. Our clients rely on us to help them streamline multi-region, multi-product communications and reporting for retail, intermediary, and institutional audiences around the globe.

Here are a few case studies from our work with asset management clients:

NY-based Private Bank Automates Pitchbooks for 900+ Sales Reps

Fast-growing Asset Manager Automates Mutual fund and ETF Fact Sheets to Scale Operations

Global Asset and Wealth Manager Uses Data Automation to Achieve Marketing Goals

What's Your Story?

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