Get Off the Quarter-End Hamster Wheel Forever with an Automated Investment Data Strategy

Marketers today are overwhelmed — and it’s hard to be strategic when you’re drowning in tactical execution.

The marketing profession has expanded dramatically over the past several years. Marketing has become more specialized and is responsible for more of the funnel, more technology, and more data than ever before.

And the responsibilities keep mounting.

Attracting and retaining AUM requires giving marketers time to think and be strategic, so they can capitalize on new opportunities, out-think competitors, and differentiate the firm, all while keeping the SEC off their backs.

To free-up the time to be more strategic, investment marketers must focus on fixing the fundamental data problem that fuels their content marketing, distribution and sales enablement strategies.

Investment marketers and consultants rely on timely and updated data to distribute information. Inconsistent data can lead to non-compliance with SEC, thousands of hours per year spent on manual updates, slower time-to-market, and many more consequences.

In this webinar, we explain how placing a focus on “data marketing” can help you be more efficient and strategic.

About the Webinar:

In this quick and informational 30-minute webinar, Dan Quinn, CMO at APX Stream, and Emilie Totten, CMO at Synthesis Technology explain how asset managers use automated investment data strategies to remove the burden of the quarter-end process and free-up marketers to do actual marketing.

Topics Covered:

  • What is investment data marketing?
  • The #1 threat to marketing efficiency
  • Defining a proper data strategy – what defines a professional effort and how it helps grow AUM
  • The impact of your data strategy on compliance
  • Why an integrated approach to data marketing is the optimal choice

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About the Speakers:

Emilie Totten is CMO at Synthesis Technology, a leading provider of marketing data and content automation solutions to the investment and wealth management industry. Since 2014, Emilie has been working with financial firms to provide effective automation solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and grow AUM.

Daniel Quinn is CMO at APX Stream, a full-service, independent data management, automation, and distribution firm for the investment management industry. Daniel has 20 years of experience with investment fund analysis, marketing, and automation.

Dan Quinn and Emilie Totten Fintech CMOs


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