Fast-growing Asset Manager Automates Mutual Fund and ETF Fact Sheets to Scale Output


As one of the fastest-growing asset management firms in the industry, this firm was looking for a way to streamline their growing production needs as they added more funds. Using a document automation solution, the firm is now able to produce twice as many documents in half the time with minimal effort.

The Opportunity:

As a rapidly growing firm with a small marketing department, the firm was up against several challenges:

  • Manual updates to 70+ factsheets per quarter as well as several performance roll-up pieces was taking over 4 weeks to complete.
  • Data was delivered from various sources in over 50 different excel and .csv files.
  • Manual re-entry of data was prone to human error and required extra hours to proof and edit.
  • Adding each new document increased time and effort proportionately.
  • An institutional merger required a re-branding of all communication materials which was a huge undertaking that would further disrupt the production timeline.

The Solution:

A Synthesis marketing content automation solution was utilized to meet and alleviate the firm’s challenges:

  • Data files are now received and handled automatically.
  • Messaging and disclosure text is managed in language libraries for updating across all documents in real-time.
  • The system provides convenient forms to manage on-boarding of new documents.
  • Once approved, documents are automatically sent to the printer and web teams for distribution.


As a result of the Synthesis Technology solution, twice as many documents are managed in half the time as the former process. Plus, new pieces are easily added and integrated into the collateral matrix.  The marketing team now has more time for planning and executing marketing strategies as opposed to updating and proofing documents and data.


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