Retirement Team Successfully Creates Sales & Marketing Solution to Create Custom and Compliant Presentations


Our client is an American holding company for various life insurance companies and investment firms operating primarily in the United States, offering life and supplemental health insurance, investments, and retirement services.

Customized Funds Transfer TimelineIn early 2016, our client’s marketing team did an audit of their sales presentations and found the decks to be inconsistent in form and brand messaging. When they dug into the issue, they learned salespeople thought the standard presentations created by marketing weren’t client-focused, and found it too time consuming to find, share, and build presentations. Thus, salespeople would often reuse their “favorite deck” from their desktop and tailor it for their upcoming presentations.

The firm knew they needed a better solution, as Marketing was wasting a lot of time and effort creating presentations that weren’t being used. The decks created by Sales were not always compliant, and there wasn’t a good way to track them. To preserve their position as a leading provider of retirement plans, they needed a solution to help them streamline their processes in a way that would improve customer centricity, compliance, and auditability.

Client Vision

With a laser focus on ‘digital transformation’, the firm’s vision was to find a holistic technology solution that would enable sales agents to create highly customer centric presentations within the guardrails of marketing and regulatory compliance. Their goal was to have it fully implemented by Jan 1, 2018.

First, the firm outlined a strategy for creating dynamic slide content that would allow the sales person to customize certain slides by selecting from pre-approved content. They wanted to integrate this process with compliance, sales enablement, and CRM systems to create a seamless workflow. Once they had the vision and strategy in place, they needed the technology to make it happen.

After an extensive evaluation, the marketing, sales, and compliance groups unanimously selected a holistic solution, powered by Synthesis and Mediafly, in September 2017.

With this solution in place, the retirement sales group of 200+ people can easily to find content and personalize their presentations for each meeting. Final presentations are tracked in Salesforce and archived in their internal Compliance system for a seamless and efficient workflow. The integration with Salesforce also provides analytics on content views.

How it Works

Sales agents effortlessly log into the presentation system using single-sign-on (SSO) to start building their presentations. Their slide library consists of several hundred slides — and growing. Over a dozen of these slides are dynamic, meaning a salesperson can select custom content in these slides to personalize them for the specific audience.Dynamic-Slide-Personalization-Financial-Services-Sales

For example, a salesperson can upload or select custom content such as client logos, photos, and bios of the portfolio management team, timeline details for moving funds to the new plan, or pre-approved talking-points to include on a slide.

Once the salesperson has built their custom deck, the system will approve it or route it to compliance for a final review, depending on what was customized.

Nearly all of the custom content available in the dynamic slides is pre-approved, so most presentations can be created and used immediately. However, if the platform recognizes new content, it will route it back to Compliance. Over time, the system learns to recognize content that has previously been approved, thus dramatically reducing the back-and-forth review time between sales, marketing, and compliance.

Once the presentation has an approval status, the system “stamps” the presentation with an approval code and pushes it to the sales enablement platform. Simultaneously, it’s also pushed to their Compliance system for record-keeping.

Upon approval, presentations are immediately available in the sales enablement platform.  Sales reps can share and present presentations, videos, and more from any device. Sales meetings and customer interactions are recorded and synced with Salesforce, providing meaningful insights on content usage, and provide an audit trail.


The Compliance team can search for the final approved presentations in their Compliance system whenever necessary, simply by searching for the unique code stamped on the presentation.


The solution was implemented and rolled-out to the pilot group in just under 10 weeks. Synthesis worked hand-in-hand with the firm’s marketing group to configure the dynamic slides, while Mediafly worked closely to configure the sales enablement platform to their specs, including the integration with Salesforce. After a successful pilot, the system was rolled-out to all 200 users at their national sales conference in January 2018.

Today, the firm is seeing immediate benefits, including:

  • Improved alignment between the Marketing, Sales, and Compliance teams.
  • Improved process efficiency. This has already increased velocity in the sales process by providing sales reps with a way to create compliant, customer-centric presentations very quickly.
  • A “single source of truth” for sales presentation content. This gives the entire organization confidence in the marketing material that is put in front of clients and prospects.
  • A significant reduction in the time spent creating, reviewing, updating, and managing presentation content.
  • An empowered sales team, who expects to see an increase in sales productivity and close rates in the near future.

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