NY-based Private Bank Automates Pitchbooks for 900+ Sales Reps

Summary:Achieve pitchbook automation success with Synthesis

Our client is a private banking group of a major NY-based asset management firm. Their three-person marketing team uses our Sales Enablement Solution to provide a highly personalized pitchbook generation and sales enablement platform for upwards of 900 sales reps in 20 different branch offices.

The Opportunity:

This small marketing department was seeking a better way to develop and maintain several hundred slides of presentation material used to pitch high net worth clients.  As a small marketing team, managing a large amount of content for a very large sales team, they were up against several challenges with their current process:

  • Approved slides were shared on the firm’s intranet, but seldom used by sales teams because they preferred to use custom presentations.
  • This small marketing team couldn’t possibly accommodate all of the ad-hoc requests for customized presentations, so salespeople were creating their own custom pitchbooks.
  • Pitchbooks created by salespeople lacked the oversight to ensure compliance with firm and regulatory standards.
  • Pitchbooks created by salespeople did not always reflect the company’s brand by marketing’s standards.


A sales enablement platform was implemented to allow the field sales force to configure and customize their own presentations within the bounds of automatically enforced business rules.

  • With this solution in place, the marketing team can focus on content updates. This includes refreshing materials on a regular basis, maintaining the organization of topics and content, updating usage rules, and editing and approving bios of the sales team.
  • Users are led through a simple wizard to preview and select materials by topic for a specific client presentation.
  • Applicable disclosure content is automatically included.
  • Restrictions on slide usage, ordering and other business rules are automatically enforced.
  • Approval by a manager is automatically triggered when applicable.
  • New and updated slide content is automatically and immediately available to users.
  • Content usage analytics are readily available in system reporting.


A three-person marketing team is now effectively supporting nearly 900 sales users in 20 branch offices. The field sales force is producing and using several hundred custom presentations each month, all with compliant, approved, and current materials.
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