Global Asset Manager Succeeds with Compliant Pitchbook Automation Solution

Compliant Pitchbook Automation Solution by Synthesis Technology and Red Oak Compliance


Our client is a leading global asset manager with hundreds of investment products.

With two best-of-breed solutions in place for sales presentation management and compliance workflow, this asset manager wanted an integrated user experience for both content creators (marketers) and content users (sales).  The diverse and global nature of their business imposed complicated rules around content control, user permissions and cross-work group collaboration. With Synthesis in place for sales presentation management and Red Oak’s AdMaster in place for compliance review, these two vendors were tasked with creating a seamless process. To accomplish this, Synthesis and Red Oak created a compliant pitchbook automation solution that caters to the specific needs of the global work groups.  The solution satisfies the central and common need for compliance to be at the heart of all their sales communication efforts.

The Goal

Synthesis and Red Oak Integrate to create Compliant Pitchbook Automation Solution

The client’s vision was to create a central repository of compliant content for their global sales teams. This repository houses nearly 5,000 slides and provides access for over 1,300 sales users for different distribution channels in different regions across the globe including US, EMEA, and APAC.

The firm has over a thousand individual product strategists (marketing) who create and manage presentation content for 8 different asset classes. The goal was to integrate Synthesis and Red Oak to help the product strategists create one seamless, efficient solution for creating, managing, approving, tracking, and storing compliant slide content for immediate use by their sales groups.

The Solution

Here’s how it works.

The client’s many product strategists upload their presentation slides into Red Oak’s AdMaster, which kicks off a compliance review and approval process. Once approved, the content gets pushed automatically into Synthesis and is “tagged” based on the metadata assigned to the slides during the upload process. These tags drive permissioning which enables the right sales teams to access the appropriate content for their specific distribution channels and regions.

Synthesis and Red Oak Develop Compliant Pitchbook Automation

With the solution in place, salespeople from around the globe log in to Synthesis and have immediate access to compliant slide content for their specific distribution channel only. They can use pre-approved stock templates or create custom decks by selecting slides in the library.  When creating custom decks, the system automatically takes into account business and compliance rules like disclosure inclusion, grouping, and ordering. This ensures that every presentation is created within the guardrails of compliance. After the presentation is created in Synthesis, it’s automatically checked back into AdMaster where it is stamped with a unique approval “code” and then securely stored for books and records.


The integration offers a compliant pitchbook automation solution that improves collaboration between marketing, sales, and compliance teams globally.

This has led to more velocity in the sales process, providing distribution teams with a way to create compliant, customer-centric presentations very quickly while minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

The new workflow ensures that content is tagged, approved, and made available to the correct distribution team, which offers a “single source of truth” for sales presentation content. This guarantees that sales groups can easily and quickly access the right content and create custom and compliant presentations for each client interaction.

All presentations created by the sales team are approved and automatically stamped with a unique identifier for proper tracking, then stored in AdMaster for auditing purposes. This has greatly reduced the time Compliance spends reviewing and approving marketing material and greatly improved risk management. In fact, according to the metrics pulled from AdMaster’s Touch Report, nearly all of the presentations that flow through the system do not need to be “touched” again for review, providing this firm with a nearly 100% efficiency rating!


“By integrating best-of-breed technologies like Synthesis’s sales enablement solution and Red Oak’s AdMaster together, global asset managers are able to improve market and customer delivery timelines in a way that improves efficiency, reduces risk, adds transparency, and maintains compliance.  With this solution, marketers, sales representatives, product strategists, attorneys, and compliance professionals are able to collaborate in ways never before possible.” – Rick Grashel, CTO at Red Oak Compliance


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