Major Mutual Fund and Insurance Company Automates their Corporate Rebranding Initiative


Recently, a major mutual fund and insurance company hired Synthesis Technology to automate a typical variety of marketing material.  Such implementations involve Synthesis taking a key role as data aggregator and content manager.  We did this for a large portion of the organization’s communication literature to meet the mutual fund rebranding initiative goals.

Six months later the client made the strategic decision to re-do their entire multi-faceted web-presence. From infrastructure to content and branding, this was a complete overhaul.

The Opportunity:

To automate their rebranding initiative, the website’s data sources and legal compliance messages would need work.  They’d have to be properly sourced and organized.  This website overhaul was a major web initiative. It called for data and content that would be accurate and consistent with other marketing collateral, such as fact sheets.

The Solution:

Naturally, the insurance company’s marketing team that had already selected Synthesis was at the planning table for the web rebranding initiative to automate.  The conversation became very brief when the newly retained web consulting and development group began talking about the data collecting and content management; “We already have that done and it’s completely repurposable.”

Synthesis had virtually 100% of the required data collected, mapped and organized.  In addition, we had a large portion of the required marketing and compliance language materials.  Thus, Synthesis was able to re-use and push this material into the new web site content engine and create a cohesive enterprise strategy of integrated content and publishing efforts.

The Results:

Synthesis Technology content automation helped this insurance company automate its corporate rebranding initiative by representing a unique solution strategy. It supports near-term urgent project requirements, but does so in a forward-looking and open platform manner, allowing the investment to tie into and leverage more enterprise-level information and communication initiatives.

For more details on this case study or to learn more about our automation solutions, get in touch!

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