Boston-based Fund Company Automates Monthly Fact Sheets Produced in 12 Languages


The marketing department at a major Boston-based mutual fund company launched a catalog of fact sheets for 50 funds. These fact sheets have class-specific variations in 12 languages and are refreshed monthly.

The Opportunity:

This mutual fund company needed a solution for producing over 15,000 pages annually with 100% accuracy in data handling and translation. This activity would require a truly intelligent and high-capacity system. Data and language sharing must be automatic and the system must support integrations with internally-provided data services and outsourced translation services.

The Solution:

The Synthesis document automation platform was the ideal solution for this firm. The component-based software design allows them to produce a large volume of multi-language factsheets very quickly and accurately.

  • XML data is automatically received and staged so that it populates accurately throughout all documents.
  • English-language materials are reviewed first by small team of marketing users.  As the English versions are approved, the system automatically sends component-level translation requests to a third party translation firm (MerrillBrink).  Only revised or new language is sent for translation, drastically reducing both translation costs and turnaround times.
  • The translation interchange is automatically managed through a series of XML-based transactions between Synthesis and MerrillBrink.
  • Supporting translation review, a marked up version of English and translated material is displayed term-by-term so that native speakers can see in-line edits.
  • A simple collateral matrix is used to manage which materials should be translated into which languages.
  • Marketing users also have the ability to rearrange document layouts based on available data and page-fitting aesthetics.


Over 200 English documents are production-ready within 10 business days after month-end.  Most of the additional 500 translated documents are production-ready within 5-7 business days thereafter.  The entire process is managed by a small team of marketing users. This team has been able to meet all expectations and deliver their materials on schedule since the system was launched.

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