2020 Benchmarking Report: Investment Marketing Content Automation

Investment Content Automation Benchmarking Study for Asset Management Marketing Report

Wondering how your marketing peers are prioritizing, budgeting, producing, and benchmarketing their content marketing?

Synthesis and FUSE Research uncover key insights about investment marketers’ use of content automation in our 2020 Asset Management Marketing Benchmarking report.

This report is chock-full of insights from CMOs and Heads of Marketing Operations from a variety of asset management firms. The report reveals how investment marketers’ are prioritizing their content mix and using automation to improve speed-to-market. We also include metrics on staffing, budgeting, and future outlooks as a result of the global pandemic.

Here are some of the insights you’ll take-away from our exclusive research:

  • The vast majority of respondents, 95%, use some form of Automation Tool; 45% citing budget increases going forward.
  • The single greatest impediment to hitting deadlines is manual data intakes, cited by 43%.
  • 29% of those surveyed felt availability of data was a top factor in prioritizing production (as opposed to focus funds or audience priorities).
  • The use of content automation solutions is most prevalent with FactSheets (89%) and Pitchbooks (81%).
  • Print Production has not gone away. The largest cohort, 40% of surveyed asset managers, still see 5-25% of their marketing output given to print.
  • 23% of managers’ FactSheets are now monthly. Similarly, 36% now generate monthly PM Commentaries.

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