On-Demand Webinar: The Sales Success Formula in Financial Services — Blending Customization & Compliance


In this webinar, investment marketing experts from Synthesis, Mediafly, and E5A Integrated Marketing discuss how digital transformation through predictive analytics, content automation, and sales enablement improves efficiency and alignment between interdisciplinary teams.

Too often, there is a disconnect where marketing creates collateral that, from the sales perspective, misses the mark on client-focus and relevance—and that is even before a compliance review. Ultimately, in the name of making the sale, salespeople customize presentations, creating many multiple versions along the way that are: near impossible to track, potentially creating compliance, branding, and messaging nightmares.

Disrupting this process by empowering everyone with automation, tracking and up-to-date data is the key to:

  • Addressing the needs of asset managers, advisors and others within product and distribution
  • Identifying and prioritizing the highest probability prospects
  • Personalizing client interactions to be more client-centric in every sales meeting
  • Increasing deal velocity and revenue
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity—ultimately improving the external and internal experience

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About the Speakers:

Listen to financial services marketing technology experts from Synthesis, Mediafly, and E5A Integrated Marketing discuss blending customization and compliance for sales success.


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