Tailored Shareholder Reports for '40 Act Fund Companies

Scalable. Efficient. Rules-based. Automated

Fact Sheet Expertise for Tailored Shareholder Report Strategy

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The Tailored Shareholder Report is unlike any traditional shareholder reporting vehicle.

They must:


Be visually engaging and elegant with a strong design focus

Neatly summarize performance, portfolio construction, and other key fund statistics

Concisely communicate the information most useful to your retail audience

Experience, expertise, and technology to help ’40 Act fund companies execute their Tailored Shareholder Report strategy:


Reliable automation
Import. Edit. Automatically populate across all relevant components

Rules-driven publishing
Ensure production follows internal business rules for both branding and compliance

Adobe-quality design
Commercial-quality Tailored Shareholder Report design with automated generation of all charts, graphs, and tables

High speed, efficient production
Generate reports in minutes, not hours. Go to market in hours, not days or weeks.

Effective compliance with the TSR rule will require ’40 Act fund companies to have automated systems in place that can:


Manage Tailored Shareholder Report data integration from any source in any format

Streamline content sharing

Create high-quality, accurate charts and graphs from that data and content, and

Enforce internal business rules for workflow and content creation.

Synthesis is the investment management industry’s leading authority on producing data-driven collateral at scale.


With a flexible service model that provides industry-leading technical and business-related support, we help our clients to:


Promote their brand and tell a compelling story about their firm

Transform and improve efficiency and quality

Scale production of critical deliverables in a controlled manner

Manage data across all data feed types

Manage risk across trillions in AUM

With extensive expertise and ready-to-go automation, design, and production tools, Synthesis is ready to step in on Day One to help ’40 Act fund companies to plan and execute their new Tailored Shareholder Report strategy.

What should fund companies be thinking about as they embark on this important new mandate?


How will the TSR change existing reporting processes?

What are the key elements ’40 Act fund companies need to consider in their Tailored Shareholder Report planning?

What are the most salient questions for vendors/partners in the due diligence process?


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