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Asset Managers Using More Than LinkedIn and Twitter

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Investment Management firms are using more than LinkedIn and TwitterBy Emilie Totten

As more financial services firms are going social, many companies are starting to gain more customers through social media channels. If your organization is still reluctant to engage on social platforms, there is some good evidence that you should start.

Overall, financial services firms are investing more in digital marketing. Research by Martini Media cited by The Financial Brand found that marketers expect to increase investments in social media and other digital approaches after noting diminishing returns on more traditional marketing approaches. Customers, even business-to-business buyers and investors, are increasingly using social media to research investment decisions. This means that financial services firms are starting to utilize digital channels to connect with these newly empowered digital consumers. (more…)

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Social Business Innovation Summit Recap 2014

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Many financial services firms aren't yet taking advantage of social tools.

By Emilie Totten

The Social Business Innovation Summit wound down earlier this May, after an exciting few days of discussions. Sponsored by Hearsay Social, a social media marketing management platform, the annual conference is a meeting of industry leaders in the technology and financial services sphere. Industry and thought leaders traveled from across the globe to join in the conversation in San Francisco. The conference put individuals from different areas in touch, creating vibrant discussion inspired by the speakers.

Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih started off the summit with a presentation on how social media enhances human capital rather than replacing it. Customers are finding more information online and expect to be able to use multiple devices. They often want personalized service and the ability to interact with companies in the way they choose.


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