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How Successful Companies Achieve Excellence

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How Successful Companies Achieve Excellence: Company Culture

I’ve been a business owner and consultant for nearly 25 years.  Over the years, I’ve become a keen observer of businesses and love to learn what makes them tick.  I find myself filling out a mental evaluation card on just about any business I encounter. I’m particularly inquisitive about what makes a company great (or not) and what the key drivers of the business are. In other words, how companies achieve excellence.

Every once in a while I encounter a business that really catches my attention for the excellence they exude.  I know for a fact that excellence doesn’t happen by accident. So, when I see an organization behaving in this manner, I immediately start looking for root causes and asking questions:

  • What have they done to make themselves different?
  • What is their hiring philosophy?
  • Do they have discipline?
  • What is their company culture?
  • Are they really successful or just pretending?
  • Are they investing in building something extraordinary or just playing for a payout?

If you learn to look for the nuances, the answers to these questions are often right in front of you.


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