How to Illustrate ROI on Your Investment Firm’s Content Automation

How to Illustrate ROI on an Automation Solution for FactSheets and other marketing collateral

Trying to prove ROI for a content automation solution for your factsheets, pitchbooks, commentaries, and other investment marketing content?

Digital marketing initiatives are flooding investment management firms, and the production of data-driven content is taking center stage. The days of manually updating highly-templated content are dwindling as investment marketing teams adopt solutions for automating marketing and sales collateral. However, in order to get funding for automation technology, investment marketers must prove a clear path to positive ROI for the C-Suite. So, we recommend calculating this ROI before presenting a solution recommendation to enhance your chances of approval.

In this white paper, our CEO describes how to illustrate ROI on your proposed content automation solution — in three steps:

  • Establish what your true and full costs of literature production are today (FEC)
  • Map the current costs against your planned escalation in literature production needs
  • Obtain estimates of the cost of automation

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About the Author:

John Toepfer - President, Synthesis Technology John Toepfer is the Founder and CEO of Synthesis Technology. He is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and business owner. John has a 25-year background in building and supporting communication solutions for the financial services industry. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons.



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