Selling Investments Just Got Easier

With FlightDeck, investment sales teams can access compliant, and engaging marketing content anytime, from any device.

Synthesis FlightDeck Pitchbook Automation Software

FlightDeck helps sales and marketing teams go-to-market faster with updated, compliant pitchbooks to raise and retain more assets.

Marketing creates and manages content

Marketing teams automate content updates and enable Sales teams with FlightDeck.

  • Connect data feeds to automate your marketing content updates and shorten production cycles.
  • Instantly provide salespeople with up-to-date and engaging content, on any device.
  • Review usage analytics to understand how your content performs.
  • Configure the platform to streamline your unique workflow.

Automate Content Updates. Shorten Production Cycles.

FlightDeck saves you weeks of time by automating updates to your marketing and sales presentation content. Cut-out time consuming tasks like collecting data, replacing old slides with new ones, and updating data points in hundreds or thousands of places. With FlightDeck, your dynamic information gets updated automatically with live data feeds. When you update a slide once, it instantly updates everywhere it appears in your content library.

Enable Sales Teams Instantly, On Any Device

Deliver up-to-date marketing materials to sales reps on-demand. Your sales force can instantly access all of your approved multimedia content (presentations, individual slides, collateral, videos, and interactive content) on any device — from iPads to Surface tablets to laptops. It’s a level of sales enablement and brand-control like you’ve never had before.

Understand How Your Content Performs

Want to know which slides are used most? Least? Not at all? Usage analytics give marketing and sales managers the insight to measure and improve their content and sales presentation strategies. Analyze how salespeople are using your content and get insight into how your clients and prospects and engaging with it. Provide version history and user activity reports to put compliance and legal teams at ease.

Automate Unique and Complex Workflows. Improve your Productivity.

Use FlightDeck out-of-the-box, or configure it to your unique workflows and approval processes. Let us help you streamline your process and enable your sales teams across the globe.

White Paper: Perfecting your Pitchbook Production Strategy

An agile approach for creating custom and compliant presentations

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Sales has immediate access to compliant, customer-centric presentations

Get immediate access to compliant marketing content and personalize pitchbooks in minutes:

  • Access approved marketing content on-demand, on any device.
  • Customize presentations and get approvals – fast.
  • Adapt sales pitches on the fly using interactive presentations.
  • Understand how clients and prospects engage with your content.
  • Integrate with CRMs to improve sales productivity.

Access Marketing Content On-Demand, On Any Device

Tired of waiting weeks for your factsheets and pitchbooks to arrive or hunting around for the right content? FlightDeck gives you immediate access to marketing materials as soon as they’re approved, on any device. No matter if you’re using an iPad, Windows Surface tablet, laptop, or other device, you can access mobile-ready content online or offline. Broadcast engaging presentations from your device to a conference room TV via AirPlay or other streaming service. Share content with customers and prospects in the click of a button and get analytic reports to see how they engage with it.

Customize Presentations and Get Approvals – Fast

The FlightDeck interface is simple to use, making it easy to create presentations in minutes. Simply tell FlightDeck about your opportunity, and all relevant content floats to the top. Drill-down using keywords, tags, product IDs, and other firm-specific metadata to zero-in on the specific content you’re looking for. Mix and match slides, collateral, and other multimedia. FlightDeck automatically enforces business rules like slide groupings and disclosure inclusion, to ensure presentations are compliant. This speeds-up the approval process and ensures you’re giving the most personalized and engaging presentation possible in every sales interaction.

Adapt On-The-Fly with Interactive Presentations

The direction of a sales meeting can change in a heartbeat. It’s hard to adapt when you’re pitching with a standard PowerPoint deck. With FlightDeck’s interactive presentation capabilities, you can instantly tailor your sales pitch so that it resonates with your audience’s specific needs and goals — even when you don’t know them in advance.

Understand Audience Engagement

Ever wish you knew if your customer opened and read your email? Do you wonder what they’re really thinking after the meeting? FlightDeck provides usage reporting so you can see how clients and prospects are engaging with your content. When you share full presentations, individual slides, videos, and other collateral, you’ll get real-time data on how they interact with it.

Improve Sales Productivity with a CRM Integration

FlightDeck integrates with your CRM, allowing you to leverage the customer data you already have. It pulls-in relevant customer information to personalize your presentation, as well as enhance your content search. Based on the data within the specific opportunity, FlightDeck will recommend content that is most relevant, so you can get to the content that matters most — more quickly. Presentations, notes, and updated fields can be make in FlightDeck and stored back to the CRM for seamless tracking and consistency.

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A Three-person Marketing Team Supports over 900
Sales Reps with FlightDeck.

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