Why Pitch Decks Should Be Created By Sales, Not Marketing

September 5, 2019

Marketing teams can usually get salespeople 90% of the way there with a great presentation, but the salesperson must be able to customize the last 10% to be truly customer-centric. Synthesis Client Solutions Director, Katie Martz, explains why in this Fundfire article.

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Obstacles Salespeople Face When Trying to Be Customer-Centric

August 5, 2019

Iris - Financial Advisor Ideas and Innovation

There are three major obstacles facing sales teams at investment management companies today. Firms who commit to addressing them are out-selling the competition and gathering more assets. Synthesis’ Head of Marketing, Emilie Totten, explains in IRIS.

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3 Problems Asset Managers Face with Sales & Content Automation

July 11, 2019

Money Management Executive

Asset managers are being asked to cut costs while also making strategic investment into content automation and sales enablement technology that will help them scale. There are some issues to watch out for when making these investments. Synthesis’ CEO, John Toepfer, offers some advice in the July issue of Money Management Executive.

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With M&A on the Rise, Firms Face Data and Content Challenges

July 8, 2019

Mutual Fund Wire

Mergers and acquisitions are a popular strategy for asset managers as they fight to survive. As firms consolidate, there are significant data and content challenges to consider. Synthesis Technology CEO, John Toepfer, provides insight into these challenges and how firms can be prepared. Read More

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