Automation Key as Fund Firms Seek to Boost Digital Content

May 17, 2021

Fund Intelligence Logo - Synthesis Technology

Synthesis and APX Stream CMOs Emilie Totten and Daniel Quinn held a webinar to discuss the #1 bottleneck to streamlining investment marketing operationsdata.

In the last year, fund firms have shifted their strategies and moved to digital. For investment marketers, this means owning more of the funnel, having a myriad of technologies to consider, and managing more data than ever before. So, marketers are utilizing automation to boost digital content and streamline their marketing data by pushing it into their content, websites, and databases, including investment, consultant, RFP, and more databases. The faster the data is available to marketers, the faster content is updated, databases are populated, and distribution teams are enabled. In a recent survey to asset managers by Synthesis and Fuse Research Network, we learned 95% of firms are using some type of automation tool, yet 43% cited manual data intake as the #1 impediment to hitting deadlines. Through an automated investment data strategy, firms can free up their marketing teams to focus on more strategic work.

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Russell Daws Joins Synthesis Technology as Chief Revenue Officer

April 29, 2021

Associated Press Logo - Russell Daws hired as Synthesis Technology CRO

Synthesis Technology recently hired Russell Daws as the Chief Revenue Officer. Russell has been in the financial technology industry for over 20 years and brings a bevy of experience in sales, marketing, and client success.  With the addition of this key leadership role, Synthesis is poised to increase revenue and expand into new markets. Russell aims to expand existing relationships with clients and build out a first-class client success team, while also adding new business through client-centric marketing and sales efforts. He is confident the firm will achieve growth and success by hiring top talent and leading with authenticity.

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Is Compliance Slowing Down Your Investment Content Marketing?

March 31, 2021

advisorpedia synthesis article - Is Compliance Slowing Down Your Investment Content Marketing?

For investment managers, the most differentiating factors are speed-to-market and customer-centricity.  Though, these can be derailed when firms have inefficient compliance review processes. In fact, many firms have a hard time complying with SEC Rule 17(a)-4. Simple workflows won’t accommodate this form of record keeping.  So, firms are investing in automation tools to streamline this process and minimize risk. Automation tools for investment content include compliance workflows that enable teams to manage disclosures, data, and review processes. By integrating content and compliance review automation, firms see the best of both worlds. In this article, Synthesis Technology CEO, John Toepfer, and Red Oak Compliance Solutions CEO, Stephen Pope, explain how to fix the issue of compliance slowing down content marketing and sales outreach. Read More

Managers Seek to Automate Client Outreach but Face Data Hurdles

February 2, 2021

Fund Fire Synthesis Fuse Data Hurdles Research

Synthesis and FUSE Research Network got together to create the Content Marketing Automation Benchmarking Survey for Investment Managers.  In this Fund Fire article, Dervedia Thomas outlines some key findings from our research. For example, our research shows that zero investment managers surveyed plan to reduce resources for marketing and content automation. In fact, 20% said they plan to increase the utilization of these tools. While content automation is increasing, 43% of survey respondents cited inefficient manual data management processes as the single biggest obstacle keeping them from meeting content distribution deadlines. In this FundFire article, Synthesis CEO, John Toepfer, shares his thoughts about why firms experience these data challenges.

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