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Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Every Single Sales Conversation

When your sales team is first-to-market with polished, personalized, and compliant pitchbooks, your firm is poised to win. But if your process is bottlenecked by data issues, compliance review, or disorganized content…you risk losing deals and experiencing outflows. FlightDeck helps your teams create winning presentations – in minutes – for every sales meeting.

Create Customer-Centric & Compliant Presentations — at Scale

  • Automate your data updates to be more efficient
  • Quickly update your slide library with intelligent slide matching
  • Get instant access to everything — fact sheets, presentations, videos, audio files — on any device
  • Create custom decks from dynamic and static slides

Stay On-Brand Across Teams, Territories, and Time Zones

  • Manage content access by team, territory, and user
  • Segment global content using repositories
  • Manage content scope for each sales group
  • Automate language translations

Use Real-Time Analytics to Drive Strategic Decision Making

  • Understand the ROI of your marketing content
  • Measure client engagement to steer sales conversations
  • Track sales activity and meetings to understand the behaviors of your sales team
  • Access full audit trails to see version history and user activity

Configure FlightDeck for Your Business Needs

  • Configure permissions, groups, roles, and approval workflows
  • Create custom forms for flexible content management
  • Create custom presentation builders for each sales team
  • Integrate CRM, ECM, and compliance systems

White Paper: Perfecting your Pitchbook Strategy

An agile approach for creating custom and compliant presentations

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