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Automated Data Management for Investment CompaniesInvestment management firms are awash in data. Every trading platform, prime broker, custodian, index provider, and sub-advisor produces data. Every portfolio management, performance, analytics, and fund accounting group produces data. Lipper, Morningstar and others collect data on your products and sell it back to you. With so much data coming into your organization, it’s imperative to organize it and make it readily available for marketing use. Firms that address the data problem in their organization find that they have much more efficient marketing processes and more effective results. Synthesis helps investment firms get a handle on their data so they can improve speed-to-market of communications and be more competitive.

Collect and Consolidate your data. Bring it all together.

Synthesis is one of the best when it comes to solving data management challenges for investment managers. Typically, our clients use our tools and services to consolidate anywhere from 15 to 50 or more data sources ranging from client-generated Excel spreadsheets to XML schemas containing complete fund data reports. Our proprietary data storage schema is designed to support data of almost any scheme and variety, so there are no obstacles or limitations on the nature or design of your data. A common problem for asset managers is that they are dealing with data that comes out of poorly-managed legacy record-keeping systems. Synthesis can aggregate the data from these systems and unify it to support a wide variety of presales, enrollment, and post-sales client communication and compliance documents.

Cleanse your data. Instill confidence

Synthesis’s end goal is to make your data useful and reportable by providing a combination of transformation and calculation functions based on your data and production needs. A key part of the effort to meet this goal is implementing data validation and testing tools that help to detect and report issues within the data. Our analysis tools can test and validate your source data against statistical rules and historical norms and averages, reporting exceptions and variances in a clear and actionable manner. This enables your team to more efficiently handle data errors and inconsistencies and to have greater confidence in the quality of the resulting data. These tools add tremendous value to the quality and accuracy of your data-driven marketing documents, websites, and client communications.

Store your data securely.  Create a single source of truth.

Information security is a concern we take seriously and is a key component of our technology solutions.  All client information is stored in separate databases. All clients have unique secure file transfer protocols.  Secure Key Encryption and data retention policies can be configured and tested client-by-client.

Make your data useful. Enable your marketing team.

The goal is not to just collect, clean, and store the data, it must be accessible and useful. Synthesis collects, consolidates, and cleans-up investment data for your communication assets. Our platform provides an intuitive user interface that allows marketers to manage the process in a way that makes sense to them. This is where many vendors and home-grown solutions fall short; they treat the use of this data as somebody else’s problem. It’s also why marketing organizations may feel under-served by their existing systems. Our data solutions serve the specific and unique needs of the marketing group.

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