Marketing Production Automation for Investment Companies

In a highly regulated industry like financial services, providing accurate data in a competitive time-frame is essential. Our Flightpath automation solution enables your team to simplify production tasks and create compliant marketing communications in less time than your current process.

FlightPath automates:

  • Fund FactSheets
  • Strategy FactSheets
  • Performance Grids
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Commentaries
  • Data Aggregation
  • Marketing Workflow
  • Product Guides
  • Attribution Reports
  • Pitchbooks
  • Proposals
  • Enrollment Kits
  • Prospectuses
  • Board Books
  • & other data-intensive marketing content

FlightPath helps you go-to-market faster with compliant marketing content

Improve speed-to-market

Imagine publishing 1,500 documents in just 10 business days, plus a full website refresh, with only three staff. That’s exactly what one of our clients does using FlightPath. Many of our clients cut their overall production time by 50% and get their communications out in record time.

Improve data accuracy and reduce regulatory risk

The key to achieving time-to-market goals is data velocity. And that’s why our clients love us, because automating investment data management processes is our specialty. Our platform helps you collect data from every source, in any format into a centralized database. We validate, transform, and calculate the data and store it in one clean, central database for marketing use. Your whole team can rest assured that regulatory standards are met and DATA is reliably sourced and accurate.

Streamline YOUR workflow (Don’t adapt to ours)

We streamline some of the most complex workflows imaginable, enabling global marketing and sales teams to get more work done with amazing results. Our automation software is very flexible, meaning it will wrap seamlessly around your designs, content, DATA, and communication plan to meet your exact needs. No need to adapt your team’s process to us — we will adapt to you.

Centralize and share your data and content

FlightPath consumes data and content and stores it as your key marketing assets  – images, copy, disclosures, art files, templates, and data feeds — that are used to create any kind of templated marketing content such as documents, web pages, or emails. Because the data and content stored in FlightPath is shared, you can be sure that data matches across your communication mediums. For example, when you make a change to a disclosure in the CMS, that disclosure is automatically updated everywhere it appears – on fact sheets, websites, commentaries, etc. The system keeps a full audit trail of all changes and approvals so you can go back and see who make what change and when, should you ever need to know.

White Paper: 10 Tips for Rebranding Fund Marketing Documents

Best practices for your next rebranding initiative

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FlightPath helps you automate your quarter-end process across all communication types

FlightPath is used to solve a wide variety of investment marketing communication challenges across the spectrum of print, digital, and web publishing. We take your data and turn it into any output you need for any purpose, including PowerPoint, PDF, Word, HTML, JSON, XML, TXT, and more.

1) Documents: Fact Sheets, Commentaries, Sales Presentations, and more

FlightPath automatically assembles and distributes your data-intensive documents like factsheets, commentaries, enrollment kits, board books, fund guides, proposals — you name it. Our claim to fame is the flexibility of our system. Our document templates are built 100% to your specs to offer maximum control over how your information is displayed.  Automate distribution of finished documents to their final destination – print vendor, shared network drive, your website, cloud location, etc.

2) Website Content: Publish PDFs, Charts and Graphs, Product Pages and more

FlightPath can push content to your website CMS and post your literature (PDFs), populate individual web page components, or publish entire HTML pages. Many clients leverage it to support their website in ways ranging from delivering data feeds to full-page or component production. The system can push raw data and content to the website or produce fully rendered charts, graphs, tables, and disclosure blocks in a ready-to-use format. We can confidently say that our data visualization capabilities are unmatched in the industry. We create smart and adaptable charts to meet virtually any design or reporting requirement. Our charting capabilities are so strong that we have clients who use us for this expertise alone. Our processing engines for data charting are capable of producing thousands of charts a minute, with the designs being 100% customizable to client specs.Tell us what you need and we’ll deliver.

3) Emails: Weekly or Monthly Newsletters

Use your key assets in FlightPath to automate weekly or monthly newsletters to communicate timely information with investors and/or advisors. We can create a custom template and workflow to manage any requirements necessary. Take the burden off of your marketing team and leverage your data to send timely and compliant email communications.

4) Reverse Data Feeds: XML, JSON, and more

FlightPath can automate a clean data feed back to you for use by your team for all of your marketing activities. This ensures that your data is consistent across all of your communication assets.

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