2021 Asset Management MarTech Stack Report

2021 Investment Management Martech Stack Report

Wondering how your marketing peers are approaching their tech stacks this year?

Synthesis, in collaboration with The Growth Strategy Group and Sondhelm Partners, conducted a research study to uncover how investment marketers across the industry are approaching their tech stack design, including:​

  • ​Which marketing technologies are the backbone of investment managers’ Martech stack – CRM, Website CMS, Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, Content Automation? ​
  • How well is the Martech stack integrated? ​
  • Who drives the decision for marketing technology purchases? ​
  • How will the stack evolve in the next 2 years and what is driving these changes? ​

A few notable findings:

  • CRMs are the most common type of technology in the stack, used by 94% of the asset managers we surveyed. The least common was investment database automation at 6%.
  • Stack maturity is largely driven by firm size – our report shows that boutiques still lag behind in certain areas such as sales enablement, social media engagement, and content automation.
  • Respondents reported that changes to the stack over the next two years will be mostly driven by the need to make operational efficiency improvements.
  • Overall, we found that the Martech stacks at asset management firms are not very well integrated. In fact, 41% of respondents reported their Martech stack is “not very well-integrated”.
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