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4 Tips for Turning Investment Commentary into Blog Posts

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How to turn investment commentary into blog postsAs the role of blogging in asset management marketing grows, firms struggle to generate effective content. This is why it’s great to exploit your investment commentary on your blog. However, some pieces of investment commentary weather the leap to your blog better than others. Make the wrong choices and you’ll fail to attract readers. You’ll also turn off those who already navigate to your website. I have four main tips for asset managers who want to get more mileage out of their investment commentary by turning them into blog posts. (more…)

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What’s the right way to measure the effectiveness of content marketing?

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Does a click through truly measure success?

By Emilie Totten

As software platforms grow more sophisticated, it’s becoming easier to measure certain metrics. With software, marketers can determine which materials are the best converting, from white papers and blog posts to commentaries and other mutual fund and ETF content. However, marketers also need to carefully negotiate what exactly they are measuring and whether it’s the right measurement. In other words, what metrics do marketers need, and is there a point at which tracking click-thrus ceases to become valuable? (more…)

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Synthesis to Automate FactSheets, Pitchbooks, Commentaries, and RFPs for San Francisco-based Investment Manager

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A major San Francisco-based investment manager has selected Synthesis Technology to automate the production of their fund factsheets, commentaries, pitchbooks, and RFPs. This firm is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced investment management and brokerage firms with over $250 billion in assets under management.


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