Content Marketing eBook: 8 Essential Tips for Fund Marketers

Content Marketing: 8 Tips for Fund Marketers

In today’s competitive investment management environment, fund marketers are faced with the challenge of consistently producing high-quality, targeted and compliant content that performs.

In this e-book, we provide fund marketers with eight essential tips for content marketing, drawing from key insights and recommendations from marketing and technology experts in the financial services industry. Here’s what you’ll find inside this 20-page e-book:

  • The current definition of content marketing
  • Why asset managers should invest in content marketing
  • An in-depth look at how to streamline your content creation process
  • Key metrics for measuring content marketing performance
  • The two most effective content marketing tactics and how to use them
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“Content marketing is in the DNA of most asset management firms. In some ways, the content they’re already creating and distributing serves as a really good launch pad for other things they could be doing.” ~ Pat Allen, Rock the Boat Marketing.

Pat Allen: Principal, Content and Digital Marketing Strategy at Rock the Boat Marketing Pat Allen @RockTheBoatMKTG
Principal, Content & Digital Marketing at Rock the Boat Marketing
Susan Weiner, CFA: Writer-Editor at and Author of Financial Blogging Susan B. Weiner, CFA @SusanWeiner
Writer-Editor at and Author of
Financial Blogging: How to Write Powerful Posts that Attract Clients
Candyce Edelen: CEO of PropelGrowth Financial Services Content Marketing Candyce Edelen @CandyceEdelen
CEO and Financial Services Content Marketing Expert at PropelGrowth
John Toepfer: President and Co-Founder of Synthesis Technology John Toepfer @JohnToepfer
President and Automation Technology Expert at Synthesis Technology
Greg Ness: Investment Marketing Writer and Strategist Greg Ness
Investment Communications Writer and Strategist


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