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[2016 Roundtable Report] Doing More with Less: How Marketers Improve Results with Fewer Resources

Have you ever wondered how your firm compares to your competitors when it comes to sales and marketing strategy, production, and measuring effectiveness? Here are the top takeaways and insights from the participants in this year’s Marketing Roundtable:

  • Marketing Strategy: How do leadership styles and production demands affect marketers’ strategic influence?
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment: How aligned are sales and marketing at investment management firms? What are the most effective firms doing to strengthen the sales and marketing relationship?
  • Producing Marketing Collateral: How can firms produce and distribute personalized communications in a more efficient and customer-centric manner?
  • Marketing Automation: How is Marketing using automation to help Sales leverage lead activity?
  • Measuring Effectiveness and ROI: How are investment marketers using business analytics to demonstrate sales wins and focus sales efforts?

[2014 Report] Mutual Fund Fact Sheet Production Study

Have you ever wondered how your firm compares to your competitors when it comes to fact sheet release dates and overall production efficiency? For example, did you know that it takes the average fund company 11 business days to publish their first fact sheet?

In our exclusive 2014 study, Product Manager, Noel Rodolfo, analyzes data from 35 fund companies and 175 fact sheets to find the answers to these questions:

  • What kind of throughput improvements can we get with document automation versus manual production?
  • Are larger fund companies more efficient than smaller ones at producing their fact sheet?
  • How do our automation customers compare with their peers?
  • Does automation technology actually work to improve production efficiency?

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