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Q&A Discussion: Blending Marketing Customization & Compliance in Financial Sales

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The Financial Sales Success Formula

In the heavily-regulated world of investment management, consistency and harmony between functional areas, including marketing, sales and compliance, are key goals for competitive advantage. However, blending customization and compliance is difficult to achieve.

Many disconnects happen at investment companies when marketing creates collateral which, from the sales perspective, misses the mark on client-focus and relevance—all before a compliance review. Ultimately, in the name of making the sale, salespeople customize presentations, creating multiple versions along the way that are difficult to track. This unwieldy process can cause compliance, branding, and messaging nightmares that may lead to fines, outflows, and lost revenue.

Firms are almost always aware that these disconnects exist and want to fix them, yet don’t know where to start. We recently held a webinar; The Sales Success Formula in Financial Services: Blending Customization and Compliance, to discuss this very topic. It was a Q&A session moderated by investment marketing expert Andrew Corn of E5A Integrated Marketing and explored the ways in which firms are using digital transformation to disrupt the status quo and gain competitive advantage. (more…)

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Five Key Aspects of a Great Pitchbook Automation Tool

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Pitchbook Automation Features

Pitchbooks are a hot topic for investment management firms these days. The number of inquiries we’ve received about our pitchbook automation software has tripled year over year — we find that very telling.

It’s no secret that marketing is in a huge state of flux right now, no matter what industry you’re in. A key driver of this uncertainty is the plethora of marketing communication and automation options. Never before have marketers had so much technology available to work with and so many communication channels to manage. (more…)

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Regulatory news from the UK: The FCA proposes new social media rules

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The FCA issued a new guidance about the use of social media in financial services firms within the UKBy Emilie Totten

Investment marketers need to stay on top of changing compliance issues, especially in the social media sphere. Marketers in the U.K. are currently facing new social media rules proposed by the FCA. (more…)

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3 Reasons Dynamic Sales Presentations are Essential for Asset Managers

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3 Reasons Dynamic Sales Presentations are Essential for Asset Managers

If you’re a sales or marketing professional, your job boils down to good communications. Creating and delivering an effective and engaging presentation is an incredibly important skill that usually starts with the marketing team and ends with the sales team.

The success of your efforts is determined by how well you persuaded your audience to take action.

When asset management marketers create sales presentation and pitchbook materials, they need to be dynamic.  In software engineering, “dynamic” is a term we use to define something that is ever-changing. Folks in Financial Services understand this concept better than anybody.  That’s because your branding, regulatory guidelines, and financial reporting data are in a constant state of flux.


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