Q&A Discussion: Blending Marketing Customization & Compliance in Financial Sales

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The Financial Sales Success Formula

In the heavily-regulated world of investment management, consistency and harmony between functional areas, including marketing, sales and compliance, are key goals for competitive advantage. However, blending customization and compliance is difficult to achieve.

Many disconnects happen at investment companies when marketing creates collateral which, from the sales perspective, misses the mark on client-focus and relevance—all before a compliance review. Ultimately, in the name of making the sale, salespeople customize presentations, creating multiple versions along the way that are difficult to track. This unwieldy process can cause compliance, branding, and messaging nightmares that may lead to fines, outflows, and lost revenue.

Firms are almost always aware that these disconnects exist and want to fix them, yet don’t know where to start. We recently held a webinar; The Sales Success Formula in Financial Services: Blending Customization and Compliance, to discuss this very topic. It was a Q&A session moderated by investment marketing expert Andrew Corn of E5A Integrated Marketing and explored the ways in which firms are using digital transformation to disrupt the status quo and gain competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics - Content Automation - Sales Engagement

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The Benefits of Digital Transformation

When used together, predictive analytics, content automation and sales engagement can dramatically transform the entire sales and marketing process. Firms who utilize these technologies are more advanced in:

  • Addressing the needs of asset managers, advisors and others within product and distribution
  • Identifying and prioritizing the highest probability prospects
  • Personalizing client interactions to be more client-centric in every sales meeting
  • Increasing deal velocity and revenue
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity—ultimately improving the external and internal experience

The infographic in this post provides some great information about the driving factors for digital transformation initiatives and the three key digital strategies that support them. (Click on the infographic to enlarge it).

The 3 Pillars of Sales Success in Financial Services

There are three critical technologies that enable digital transformation and sales success for financial services firms:

1 – Predictive Analytics – Identifying the most probable prospects based on behavior.

2 – Content Automation & Personalization – Tailoring content for those prospects using automation plus the salesperson’s input, within the guardrails of compliance.

3 – Sales Engagement – Using a secure platform to send and present this highly personalized information, track its usage, and record all activity in the CRM.

In the Q&A webinar, Synthesis CEO John Toepfer  and Mediafly’s EVP of Sales and Customer Success Matt Suggs provide in-depth insights on how content personalization and sales engagement can be integrated together with compliance. When coupled with predictive analytics to target the most likely prospects, content automation and sales engagement technologies can further fuel the sales process by delivering relevancy to those high quality leads and then deliver insights back to the marketing and sales groups. This encourages better decision making that can transform the sales process and deliver exciting advantages in all functional areas.

What is it to Be a Trailblazer?

In the age of digital transformation, competitive advantage hinges upon selecting the right technology and effectively implementing it within your technology stack. There are lessons to be learned and shared as firms jump aboard the digital movement. Some firms have been successful while others struggle to begin or implement these solutions effectively. Synthesis and Mediafly, along with E5A Integrated Marketing, share their success stories and expertise in this exciting webinar; The Sales Success Formula in Financial Service: Blending Customization and Compliance.

Watch the clip below for a preview of this exclusive 1-hour webinar.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Here is a 7-minute preview of the webinar, The Sales Success Formula in Financial Services: Blending Customization & Compliance. If you’re interested in accessing the full hour, please register below and we will send you the link.

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Emilie is Head of Marketing at Synthesis. Emilie earned her B.S. in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has 15 years of integrated marketing experience in the financial services, technology, and healthcare industries. She lives in Chicagoland with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she isn't marketing or parenting, she can be found practicing yoga or reading a good book.

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