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Automation is changing the game for investment management firms. Firms who devise quick and strategic automation strategies are poised to win. In this Podcast series, Synthesis Technology CEO John Toepfer sits down with experts from the Investment community to discuss how marketing, sales, and compliance professionals are leveraging automation in the workplace to be more effective. In this podcast, we share emerging insights that will help investment management pros stay up to speed on the ever-changing financial technology landscape, and get ideas on how to use automation to be more strategic.

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Episode 1: Trends in Asset Management Marketing with Andrew Corn, CEO of E5A Integrated Marketing – Listen Now (30 minutes).

Investment Management Marketing expert Andrew Corn sits down with Synthesis CEO, John Toepfer, to discuss emerging trends in 2017. The discussion revolves around how automation continues to play an important role, making it easier for marketers and salespeople to be customer-centric in their approach. In this episode, we discuss data analysis as a differentiator, the role of ETFs in the retail and institutional space, the challenges with using Microsoft-based products like Excel and PowerPoint for automating content, and the adoption of content usage analytics. This episode brings important insights to investment marketers, salespeople, and executive management. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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