New Release Announcement – FlightPath v4.5

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November – 2012
Synthesis is pleased to announce the release of FlightPath v4.5.  This general system upgrade includes a wide variety of performance and capability improvements and will be applied to all hosted production instances over the next 30 days.  Notable new features and enhancements include:

  • Improved component and document views supporting faster loads, improved filtering and added abilities to customize the views with active controls
  • Improved navigation functions within the user interface
  • Upgraded search features including improved natural language search
  • Faster PDF rendering and reduced page load times
  • New and improved text output templating
  • Support for text comparisons in Internal Renditions
  • Spilling text flows supporting in-line text and image references
  • Linked PDFs with workflow indicative color coding
  • PDF fillable form renderer
  • Improved data loading speed for very large data files
  • Improved bulk copy loading capabilities
  • Upgraded security features

For more information on this release and new capabilities, contact your Synthesis relationship manager or

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Emilie is Chief Marketing Officer at Synthesis. She brings over 15 years of integrated sales and marketing experience working with financial services, SaaS, and health and wellness companies. Her passion is architecting holistic marketing strategies that align with each business function to achieve client experience, employee advocacy, and revenue goals. When she isn't marketing, you can find her rehabbing her home in the Chicago suburbs, practicing yoga, or spending time with her family.


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