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What Shutterfly and PIMCO can Teach Marketers about Data Quality

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Marketing Blunders can Damage your Data Quality and Brand Reputation

If you’re like me, you worry about making marketing mistakes that might reflect negatively on your company’s brand.

Marketing blunders cause embarrassment and negative PR, but they usually blow-over in time. For example, you might recall when Shutterfly sent a “congratulations on your new arrival” email to people who hadn’t recently given birth. It was a data quality issue that caused backlash from their customer base and a lot of negative press. But, everyone eventually moved on.

In financial services, however, marketing blunders are much more serious. When they are due to data errors or inconsistencies, there can be regulatory issues, fines, and liabilities in addition to bad PR. There’s even the risk of losing your job or your license.

Because financial services marketing is driven by enormous amounts of data, the risk of making a reporting mistake is extremely high. Mistakes caused by a lack of data quality can be a huge blow to a firm, causing them to lose credibility with investors and advisers. Read More

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Fund Fact Sheet Production: How Does Your Firm Compare? [Infographic]

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Mutual Fund FactSheet Industry Study
Have you ever wondered how your firm stacks up in terms of fund fact sheet release dates and overall production efficiency?

We are in the business of automating fund marketing documents so, naturally, we were curious to learn how the industry performs at large. We already had a pretty good idea, based on our close relationships with fund marketers at a variety of investment management firms. However, we thought it would be interesting to gather some empirical data and publish it for our readers.

Our Product Manager, Noel Rodolfo, conducted a study based on a random sample of 35 fund companies and 175 fact sheets.

His goal was to find out:

Read More

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The ‘Scaling Problem’ in Investment Management Marketing

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 Scaling problems: How to scale your content marketing strategy as your business grows

I had conversations this week with two new prospective clients. Each customer expressed a “scaling problem” as being their chief reason for looking into document and data automation.

I very much like that phrase. It’s straight out of my pitchbook on why someone should look into a solution like Synthesis for their communication problems.  I usually define a scaling problem as:

The point in time in which either the number of documents, variety of documents, number of users, or number of staff required to meet the communication needs has passed some tipping point.

My takeaway from these two conversations is quite interesting. Although each firm was experiencing valid issues, the firm profiles and the scope of their work was vastly different.Read More

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How Smart Investment Marketers Buy Tech

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How smart financial marketers buy technologyWhat role does technology play in your financial marketing strategy?

Changing regulation, customer behavior, and competition are changing the way financial brands conduct marketing, and new technologies have become a vital part of the plan.

From marketing automation and sales enablement to data management and reporting platforms, there is an abundance of financial marketing technology available to help marketers take their brands to the top.Read More

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