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CEO Talks: Leveraging Data to Create Customer-Centric Pitchbooks

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By Emilie Totten

Financial Technology Forum 2015
Last month, our CEO, John Toepfer, was invited to speak at the Financial Technology Forum (FTF) held at Trump Tower in Chicago. This two-day event brought together CTO-level executives from Asset Management firms to discuss the issues around pitchbook automation, vendor management, CRM integration, data governance, and other IT-related topics. The Financial Technology Forum events are a division of Institutional Investor and held bi-annually for its members.Read More

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Is Now the Time to Automate?

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Time ismoney. Time to automate.

In today’s fast-paced, tech-driven environment, investment product marketers can’t really afford to dismiss document automation as just a “nice to have”. Marketing departments at investment management companies of all sizes are increasingly utilizing automation to improve productivity and mitigate risk. Good marketers in any industry plan for the future to ensure that their operations scale in pace with their growing business. Similar to their colleagues, to remain competitive, investment product marketers must be strategic. They must determine how to effectively use automation to produce key sales support materials such as fund fact sheets, commentaries and website content — and it’s important to get the timing right.

There are typically three key indicators that your firm should start seriously considering a marketing production automation solution:

  • You’re marketing 14 products or more
  • Your current process can’t keep pace with demand
  • Your data processes have become unwieldy—and risky

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The Art of Producing Multi-Language FactSheets

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By John Toepfer

Foreign Language FactSheet Production

There is art to producing multi-language documents of any sort, but the bar is set particularly high when focusing on data-driven documents of a recurring nature.  With documents like mutual fund factsheets, the cost and production timeline are key metrics of organizational success.  A traditional process of shipping off document files to a translation agency and counting the days for receipt of finished foreign language material – and a large bill – can be ridiculous.

In the age of content management systems and Google Translate, there is definitely a better way.

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Robo Advisors Don’t Spell the End of Asset Management

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Robo-advisors are a growing part of asset management. By Emilie Totten

You may have heard the term robo-advisor being tossed around. If you’re an asset manager, the term may be making you nervous. After all, the perennial fear about technology is that will inevitably take your job. However, this may not necessarily be the case with robo-advisors, ominous though they may sound. In fact, they may be providing an opportunity for people who have never been able to easily invest previously.Read More

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