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Will Technology Replace Our Jobs?

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Technology won't replace jobsBy Emilie Totten

As technology becomes more sophisticated, there is a growing unease that computers will eventually replace jobs. If you Google the subject, you’re likely to come across frightening predictions of exactly what percentage of jobs will be replaced by technology in the coming years. However, we don’t see computers eliminating a significant portion of the workforce in the near future. Here are three reasons why:Read More

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How automation improves sales and marketing alignment

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sales-marketing-alignmentBy Emilie Totten

Despite having the same end goal, marketers and sales departments tend to be in conflict because their short-term objectives differ. Marketers are focused on creating campaigns that will generate new leads, and sales teams concentrate on making sales. In a controversial article for CBS News about why sales teams get annoyed by their marketing colleagues, industry expert Geoffrey James lists several top frustrations for sales reps, including:Read More

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3 keys to improving your quarter-end process

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businessman planning strategy for success

I recently completed an RFP that posed this question:

“Describe the factsheet production cycle and timeline for your most efficient client and your least efficient client.”

This got me thinking: What really drives efficiency in marketing document production?  Over the past 25 years, I have seen just about every variation on technology and process models that can exist to support factsheet production. I’ve seen firms that have embraced technology and process to improve their efficiency ten-fold. On the flipside, I’ve seen firms that seem to do everything in their power to undermine the efficiency of a technology or process they’ve paid good money for. Read More

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CTMO: Women marketers have the opportunity to lead a new generation of results-driven marketing

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c-suite-womenBy Emilie Totten

Women may soon  find a new route into the C-suite, through the growing importance of the chief marketing technology officer role, or CMTO.Read More

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