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Financial Brands Need a Cross-Organizational Social Strategy

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Financial Brands Need a Cross-Organizational Social StrategyBy Emilie Totten

It’s good policy for social media marketers to have a relationship with every level of their organization, but it’s even more imperative for in the financial services industry.

In any regulated industry, marketing teams should focus on working closely with compliance and legal departments to make sure outgoing communications stay within the rules. Social media provides an excellent way for asset managers to advertise and build trust with customers, but it also creates fertile ground for marketing blunders and compliance errors.Read More

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4 tips for financial services firms using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn-Financial-Services-MarketingBy Emilie Totten

LinkedIn is still probably the top social network for financial services firms. In general, social media provides a unique opportunity to educate customers and engage with them. It’s also a good way to learn about investor behavior. While your company probably has a page set up, are you making the most of what the platform has to offer? Here are some tips for connecting with customers on LinkedIn:

Aim for informational and consumable content
LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for thought leadership, so it’s unwise to use it for self-promotion. The idea is to build your brand as a company that’s in the know, not advertise, Corporate Insight suggests. Instead, the materials you post should generate conversation and engagement. Posts in the popular “listicle” format can provide engaging content in a way that’s also easy and quick to consume. Your customers are busy people. Providing information that is easily digestible is valuable to them. Also consider visualizations, such as infographics and graphs.Read More

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Proofreading Fund Documents Doesn’t Have to Be a Drag

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by Noah Menikoff 

Proofreading FactSheets

A good proofreader is hard to find. Ask any financial services marketer and they will probably tell you this is the worst part of their job – proofreading, editing and updating documents. It’s time consuming work and it takes an enormous amount of time, patience, attention-to-detail, and focus.

Manual proofreading not only requires time and patience, but it also involves thoughtfulness and empathy. Thoughtfulness is required to interpret what is not always an apples-to-apples comparison and empathy is important for evaluating information from the perspective of the end-user. With so many data points and documents to work with, even the most skilled proofreaders face the undeniable challenge of human error. Not to mention, it’s unsatisfying work that takes up time and resources.

Read More

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