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The State of Sales and Marketing Alignment in Investment Management

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Investment sales and marketing alignment

It is universally understood in the marketing community that sales and marketing alignment is crucial to hitting revenue goals. Alignment around shared goals, technologies, and processes allows you to monitor and optimize every stage of the buying cycle. Reports like this one from Marketing Advisory Network suggest that sales and marketing misalignment is not just a buzz word: companies are truly struggling with this reality.

But how aligned are sales and marketing teams at investment management firms, specifically?

We were curious. 

In May of this year, we hosted a private Marketing Roundtable discussion with sales and marketing leaders from top investment management firms. We wanted to learn more about the state of sales and marketing alignment at investment management firms. Here are a few notable takeaways we’d like to share:Read More

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Deliver the Perfect Selling Experience

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By Carson Conant, CEO at Mediafly

Delivering the Perfect Selling Experience

The following is a guest post by Carson Conant, Founder and CEO at Mediafly. It addresses the quickly-evolving enterprise mobility trend, what it means for B2B salespeople, and how Marketing and Sales can work together to transform the customer experience.

Buyers are changing, and rather than recoil at headlines like “Death of a (B2B) Salesman,” companies need to face that changing landscape head-on. I want to take a moment to look back at 2015’s industry trends, how we see the role of the B2B salesperson evolving into 2016 and beyond, and how companies can transform and not get left behind.Read More

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4 Tips for Turning Investment Commentary into Blog Posts

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How to turn investment commentary into blog postsAs the role of blogging in asset management marketing grows, firms struggle to generate effective content. This is why it’s great to exploit your investment commentary on your blog. However, some pieces of investment commentary weather the leap to your blog better than others. Make the wrong choices and you’ll fail to attract readers. You’ll also turn off those who already navigate to your website. I have four main tips for asset managers who want to get more mileage out of their investment commentary by turning them into blog posts.Read More

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50 Interesting Stats About Content Marketing

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50 awesome content marketing statistics

By Emilie Totten

Unless they’ve been living under a rock, most marketers know that content is becoming an increasingly large part of marketing strategies in every industry.

Keeping this in mind, diligent financial services marketers are getting more creative with content marketing initiatives than ever.

In case you need more convincing, here are 50 must-know facts about content marketing today:Read More

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