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Business Rules: What They Are and Why You Need Them for Investment Marketing Content Automation

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By Kim Rebecca

Using business rules in factsheet automation

Throughout my career in the global asset management industry, I’ve had the opportunity to help facilitate the data-heavy content automation of thousands of regulatory documents, marketing collateral, presentations, web pages and so on. Actually, it’s probably hundreds of thousands because as you know, one of the key advantages of content automation is the easy accommodation of the ever-expanding scope of distribution, allowing product marketers such as myself to bolster their bragging rights. I’ve had the good fortune to help three global asset managers with their content automation efforts ­­— prominent and well-recognized firms managing assets galore. I was thus somewhat surprised to find that a common challenge in the implementation phase of all of their automations was something seemingly basic: the identification and articulation of something called business rules.Read More

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The Investment Management Marketing Conundrum

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by Daniel Quinn

This article first appeared on the Daniel Quinn Communications Blog

Content Marketing in Investment Management

As is often the case, it’s what people do, rather than what they say, that’s most telling.

Let’s get this out of the way early.

If an investment manager

  • does good work
  • has responsive client service, and
  • keeps a decent track record

then there is no reason why they should struggle to grow their assets under management.

If they do, then the problem is the marketing. Full. Stop.

But it’s not because investment management marketers don’t get it – they do. The problem is that marketing is either poorly understood or severely undervalued by the portfolio management team/firm management.Read More

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Is Account-Based Marketing Right for Your Company?

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By Candyce Edelen

This post originally appeared on the Propel Growth blog.

Is Account Based Marketing Right for Your Company

You probably see the term “account-based marketing” (ABM) pretty frequently of late. The hype has grown over the past 12 months, with hundreds of articles, blogs, webinars, podcasts, videos and events devoted to the topic. At least a couple dozen new vendors have sprung up with solutions focused on ABM, adding to the noise.

Even with all that noise, most organizations are unclear about whether and how to implement these strategies. So this post will give you a high level sense of what ABM is all about, give you concrete criteria on whether you should consider it for your organization, help you decide what type of ABM would be appropriate, and give you a couple practical steps to get started.Read More

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The State of Sales and Marketing Alignment in Investment Management

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By Emilie Totten

Investment sales and marketing alignment

It is universally understood in the marketing community that sales and marketing alignment is crucial to meeting and exceeding revenue goals. Alignment around shared goals, technologies, and processes allows you to monitor and optimize every stage of the buying cycle. Reports like this one from Marketing Advisory Network suggest that sales and marketing misalignment is not just a buzz word: companies are truly struggling with this reality.

But how aligned are sales and marketing teams at investment management firms, specifically?

We were curious. 

In May of this year, we hosted a private Marketing Roundtable discussion with sales and marketing leaders from top investment management firms. One of the goals of this meeting was to learn more about the state of sales and marketing alignment at investment management firms. Here are a few noteable takeaways we’d like to share:Read More

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